System Architecture

Global Trade Into Automation

System Structure

The NET Platform introduces a revolutionary approach to overcoming the barriers and challenges encountered in global trade by blockchain & AI technologies.

At its core, the platform aims to empower individuals worldwide by providing them with access to essential resources, knowledge, and opportunities.

One of the key features of the NET Platform is the SBT system, which plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless trade interactions and fostering collaboration among users.

The SBT system, short for Skills-Based Token, serves as the backbone of the NET Platform's ecosystem.

It is designed to incentivize users to contribute their expertise, participate in trade activities, and engage with educational content.

By leveraging the SBT system, users can unlock various benefits, enhance their credibility, and access a wide range of opportunities within the platform.

Deep Dive Into SBT System

One of the primary functions of the SBT system is to assess and validate the skills and capabilities of users participating in the NET Platform.

Users can register as members by purchasing SBT, which grants them access to the platform's features and functionalities.

As users engage in trade-related activities, such as providing translation services, conducting research, or posting valuable information, their contributions are recorded and evaluated within the SBT system.

NET Membership NFTEdu SBTTrader SBTSupplier SBTBuyer SBTSupport SBTNET ConnectNET Token Implementation

Credit Rating

The SBT system utilizes a proprietary algorithm to assign credit ratings to user accounts based on their performance and contributions.

This creditworthiness information serves as a measure of trust and reliability within the platform's community.

As users accumulate positive ratings and demonstrate their proficiency in various tasks, they gain credibility and unlock additional privileges and benefits.

One of the key benefits of the SBT system is its role in facilitating the acquisition of reliable local partners.

Users can register their areas of expertise and skills within the platform, allowing them to match with teams or individuals seeking specific resources or services.

Whether it's interpreters, researchers, legal experts, or other professionals, users can find suitable partners for their trade transactions and collaborations.

Learning Content Platform

The SBT system also incentivizes users to actively engage with educational content related to global trade.

Through the platform's learning content platform, users can access a wealth of knowledge and information curated specifically for trade activities.

By consuming educational content and participating in learning activities, users can earn NET token and enhance their skills and understanding of trade-related concepts.

Matching Platform

The SBT system serves as a matching platform, enabling users to take on various roles such as traders, suppliers, buyers, researchers, or investors.

By acquiring NET token and building their credibility within the platform, users can seize opportunities for new job assignments, collaborations, and trade transactions.

The mutual evaluation functions for jobs ensure that users are matched with suitable partners and rewarded accordingly for their contributions.

In summary

The SBT system plays a pivotal role in driving the success and effectiveness of the NET Platform.

By incentivizing users to contribute their expertise, engage with educational content, and collaborate with others, the SBT system fosters a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem where individuals can thrive in global trade activities.

Through its innovative features and functionalities, the SBT system empowers users to overcome barriers, expand their networks, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

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