AI Solutions

Network Trade possesses top-tier AI technology in Japan. CTO Mr. Ichihara formerly served as the AI Director for a significant AI solution business, which secured $80 million in funding from the SoftBank Vision Fund.

1. Trading partner due diligence

Analyze information from all existing social media platforms (X, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram) and databases like Imperial Databank to create credit evaluations and timelines for individuals or companies.

2. Products due diligence

Image analysis to determine the authenticity of products and whether they are in-house or OEM through similarity image searches.

3. Influencer & Ads Management

Predict the potential sales volume associated with using specific influencers or advertisements. We can also assess preferences, such as whether IT devices or agricultural products are more favorable

AI analysis methods

Data Analysis and Risk Assessment:

Using AI, analyze data such as past trading history, financial records, and credit information of trading partners to assess risks. This enables the evaluation of the reliability and safety of the trading partners.

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

Gather information from sources like trading partners' websites and social media, and employ NLP to analyze this data. This helps in understanding aspects such as the reputation, activities, and related news of companies, aiding in the evaluation of trading partners' reliability.

Image Recognition:

Utilize AI to analyze images of facilities, equipment, products, etc., associated with companies or individuals to assess their reliability and quality. For instance, image recognition can be used to verify the quality and condition of products.

Graph Analysis:

Represent data such as trading partners, related companies, and transaction histories as graphs, and use AI to analyze the relationships and patterns. This facilitates understanding the trading partner's network and relationships, aiding in risk assessment.

Combining these methods allows for the creation of a more comprehensive due diligence process. However, it's important to note that AI-driven due diligence should be used as a supplementary tool and combined with human judgment and expertise.

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