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Buyer Membership Levels: Empowering Your Procurement Journey

Within the dynamic ecosystem of the NET Platform, buyers play a pivotal role in driving demand, fostering commerce, and shaping the landscape of global trade.

Level 1 Buyer: Embarking on Your Procurement Journey

At Level 1 membership, buyers embark on their procurement journey within the NET Platform, laying the groundwork for seamless engagement in the export ecosystem.

The tasks assigned to Level 1 buyers are geared towards establishing their presence and initiating transactions within the platform.

One of the primary tasks for Level 1 buyers is to create a comprehensive buyer profile and verify their identity, ensuring transparency and credibility within the ecosystem.

Level 1 buyers are encouraged to conduct purchase transactions within the platform, thereby contributing to the vibrant marketplace of goods and services.

In return for their active participation, Level 1 buyers gain access to a wide range of products and services available within the ecosystem, enabling them to explore diverse offerings and identify suitable procurement opportunities.

Level 1 buyers earn tokens as rewards for completing tasks and purchases, providing tangible incentives for their engagement and contribution to the platform.

Level 2 Buyer: Elevating Your Procurement Experience

As buyers progress to Level 2 membership, they ascend to a higher tier of engagement and responsibility within the export ecosystem.

Level 2 buyers are entrusted with tasks aimed at enhancing their procurement experience and fostering constructive feedback within the platform.

One of the key tasks for Level 2 buyers is to conduct multiple purchase transactions within a specified period, demonstrating their commitment to active procurement within the ecosystem.

Level 2 buyers are encouraged to provide feedback on product/service quality and their overall user experience, contributing valuable insights for continuous improvement.

In recognition of their efforts, Level 2 buyers enjoy access to special discounts and promotions from participating suppliers, enhancing their purchasing power and maximizing value for their procurement endeavors.

They earn increased token rewards for providing feedback and demonstrating high purchase frequency, further incentivizing their engagement and contribution to the platform.

Level 3 Buyer: Championing Collaboration and Engagement

At the pinnacle of buyer membership lies Level 3, reserved for entities seeking to leverage their influence and engagement to drive positive change within the export ecosystem.

Level 3 buyers are esteemed leaders and advocates, championing collaboration, and fostering community engagement within the platform.

They encompass a diverse array of entities, including retailers, wholesalers, and end consumers, all united in their quest to procure goods and services from exporters within the ecosystem.

Buyers are entrusted with tasks that underscore their role as catalysts for growth and innovation within the platform.

One such task for Level 3 buyers is to encourage new buyers to join the ecosystem, expanding the reach and diversity of participants within the platform.

Buyers are encouraged to participate actively in discussions within the community, sharing their opinions, experiences, and insights to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

In recognition of their invaluable contributions, Level 3 buyers enjoy special bonuses and rewards for successful referrals and community participation, further solidifying their status as leaders and advocates within the export ecosystem.

Level 3 buyers receive priority access to limited sales within the ecosystem, enhancing their opportunities for exclusive procurement opportunities and deals.

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