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Support Membership Levels: Fostering Growth and Collaboration

Within the vibrant ecosystem of the NET Platform, support plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless transactions, resolving conflicts, and fostering collaboration among traders, suppliers, and buyers.

Level 1 Supporter: Lay the Foundation for Harmonious Transactions

At Level 1 membership, supporters embark on their journey to foster growth and collaboration within the export ecosystem.

The tasks assigned to Level 1 supporters are geared towards providing essential assistance to ecosystem participants and fostering a conducive environment for trade.

One of the primary tasks for Level 1 supporters is to offer support to traders, suppliers, and buyers within the ecosystem, serving as a cornerstone for harmonious transactions and mutual cooperation.

They actively participate in support activities such as conflict resolution and guidance, ensuring that any issues or challenges are promptly addressed.

In return for their invaluable contributions, Level 1 supporters are recognized as pillars of support within the ecosystem, garnering respect and appreciation from fellow participants.

Level 1 supporters earn rewards for completing support tasks and activities, providing tangible incentives for their engagement and commitment to fostering a collaborative environment.

Level 2 Supporter: Driving Continuous Improvement and Mentorship

As supporters progress to Level 2 membership, they ascend to a higher tier of influence and responsibility within the export ecosystem.

Level 2 supporters are entrusted with tasks aimed at driving continuous improvement in support processes and systems, as well as mentoring and nurturing new supporters within the ecosystem.

One of the key tasks for Level 2 supporters is to actively contribute to the enhancement of support processes and systems, leveraging their expertise and insights to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

They play a pivotal role in mentoring new supporters and integrating them into the ecosystem, ensuring a seamless transition and fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

In recognition of their contributions, Level 2 supporters enjoy increased visibility and influence within the ecosystem, solidifying their status as leaders and influencers.

They earn higher token rewards for their mentorship efforts and contributions to support enhancement, providing further motivation for their engagement and commitment to driving positive change.

Level 3 Supporter: Catalyzing Growth and Innovation

At the pinnacle of support membership lies Level 3, reserved for supporters who wield their influence and expertise to catalyze growth and innovation within the export ecosystem.

Level 3 supporters are esteemed leaders and advocates, spearheading initiatives to promote cooperation, knowledge-sharing, and growth.

They encompass a diverse array of professionals, including those offering legal support, financial services, and consulting, all united in their mission to facilitate export transactions and drive positive change within the ecosystem. They are entrusted with tasks that underscore their role as catalysts for growth and innovation.

One such task for Level 3 supporters is to organize educational events and workshops for ecosystem participants, providing valuable insights and resources to empower traders, suppliers, and buyers.

They serve as liaisons between stakeholders, fostering collaboration and synergy to promote cooperation and growth.

In recognition of their invaluable contributions, Level 3 supporters receive special recognition and perks as top supporters within the ecosystem, solidifying their status as leaders and influencers.

They earn special rewards and bonuses for organizing events and promoting cooperation, further incentivizing their engagement and commitment to driving positive change within the export ecosystem.

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