The Foundational Step

The Edu SBT role within the NET Project serves as the foundational step for users embarking on their journey into the world of global trade and commerce.

When users acquire the NET Membership NFT, they are granted access to the Edu SBT role, which opens the doors to a comprehensive learning experience tailored to their needs and interests.

At the heart of the Edu SBT role lies the NETEDU platform, a dynamic hub of educational resources, courses, and interactive materials designed to equip users with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the global marketplace.

Through NETEDU, users delve into various aspects of international trade, including trade laws, cultural nuances, market trends, and the intricacies of cross-border transactions.

However, the Edu SBT role extends beyond passive learning.

Users are encouraged to actively engage with the platform by posting content, sharing insights, and participating in discussions relevant to their areas of interest.

By contributing valuable content and engaging with their peers, users not only enhance their own understanding but also enrich the learning experience for others within the community.

Moreover, the Edu SBT role empowers users to become discerning consumers of knowledge.

Through NETEDU's comprehensive library of courses and materials, users have the opportunity to explore diverse topics, select courses aligned with their learning objectives, and even purchase premium content to further expand their expertise.

As users progress through their learning journey and demonstrate proficiency in key concepts, they have the opportunity to advance to higher roles within the NET ecosystem, such as Trader, Supplier, Buyer, and Support roles.

Each level represents a milestone in the user's development, reflecting their growing understanding and competency in global trade practices.

Crucially, the user's progression through these roles is not only acknowledged but also immortalized within their NET Membership NFT.

This digital token serves as a testament to their dedication and achievements, providing a tangible record of their growth and expertise within the NET community.

In essence, the Edu SBT role serves as the gateway to a transformative learning experience, empowering users to acquire knowledge, engage with their peers, and ultimately, chart a path towards success in the dynamic world of global trade.

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