Supplier SBT

Membership Tiers and Benefits

As integral participants in the vibrant export ecosystem facilitated by the NET Platform, suppliers play a pivotal role in driving commerce and facilitating transactions across borders.

Level 1 Supplier: Laying the Foundation

At Level 1 membership, suppliers embark on their journey within the NET Platform, laying the foundation for successful engagement in the export ecosystem.

The tasks assigned to Level 1 suppliers are designed to establish their presence and initiate transactions within the platform.

One of the primary tasks for Level 1 suppliers is to list their products or services on the platform, thereby showcasing their offerings to potential traders.

Level 1 suppliers are tasked with completing transactions with traders within the ecosystem, facilitating the exchange of goods and services.

In return for their participation and contribution, Level 1 suppliers enjoy increased visibility of their listed products and services within the ecosystem.

This heightened visibility enhances their opportunities for engagement and collaboration with traders.

Level 1 suppliers earn tokens as rewards for completing tasks and facilitating successful transactions, providing tangible incentives for their active involvement in the platform.

Level 2 Supplier: Elevating the Experience

As suppliers progress to Level 2 membership, they ascend to a higher tier of engagement and responsibility within the export ecosystem.

Level 2 suppliers are tasked with enhancing the quality and experience of their offerings, as well as expanding their reach and impact within the platform.

One of the key tasks for Level 2 suppliers is to expand the evaluation of their products and services within the ecosystem.

This involves soliciting and incorporating feedback from traders to continually improve and refine their offerings.

Level 2 suppliers are expected to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction through prompt communication and the delivery of quality services.

In recognition of their efforts, Level 2 suppliers benefit from an expansion of visibility and promotion within the ecosystem.

This increased visibility enhances their brand presence and attracts a wider audience of potential traders.

Level 2 suppliers gain access to a broader network of traders, facilitating increased collaboration and partnership opportunities.

They earn higher token rewards for maintaining customer satisfaction and expanding their business within the ecosystem, further incentivizing their active participation and commitment to excellence.

Level 3 Supplier: Championing Collaboration and Innovation

At the pinnacle of supplier membership lies Level 3, reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and collaboration within the export ecosystem.

Level 3 suppliers are esteemed leaders and mentors, driving positive change and fostering innovation within the platform.

The suppliers offer a diverse array of products and services within the export ecosystem, ranging from manufacturers to raw material suppliers to agricultural cooperatives.

They are entrusted with a distinct set of tasks that underscore their role as champions of collaboration and innovation.

One such task for Level 3 suppliers is to collaborate with other suppliers or traders to offer bundled services or discounts, thereby enhancing the value proposition for traders within the ecosystem.

Level 3 suppliers provide valuable feedback for platform improvement, drawing upon their experience and expertise to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of the platform's features and functionalities.

In recognition of their invaluable contributions, Level 3 suppliers enjoy exclusive opportunities for partnerships and promotions within the ecosystem.

They also receive higher token rewards and bonuses for successful collaborations and feedback contributions, further solidifying their status as leaders and innovators within the export ecosystem.

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